Posh chips from #dominos

#iworkedhere 2004/5 when it was Newham Social Services (at London Academy Of Excellence)



“I can’t keep predicating utopia on the mass slaughter of baby boomers.”*

“Shooting stars x Deer = Profundity.”

So, Badgers are rechristened “Eager Beavers.” I’d show you the patch but I couldn’t afford it this week, hopefully I can get one next week (if I can even get…

"such compatible sass"

Finish the job!

No, this is not a sign. (at Wandsworth Town Hall)

Meet The Community #29: Lloyd Davis



Lloyd used to have a job. A regular job just like everyone else. Then he began to write and publish his thoughts on his own blog. Three months later he decided it was time to quit. 


Thanks to his blog, Lloyd established himself as an independent consultant, writer and social artist. Because of something that started as a little side project, he could soon earn his living by what he loved doing the most. 

That was in 2004; The year Lloyd stumbled into his role as one of Europe’s social media pioneers when most people didn’t even know what social media was. 


Ten years later, Lloyd still believes in social collaboration and openness, which is why his Sparks on Somewhere feel like a visual diary of work moments and thoughts. Head to Lloyd’s page and see for yourself.





So can we talk about the absolutely stunning duplicity going on here?

holy shit

How to lie with statistics: Death In Florida version

btw, a clearer version of this graph is here:


See how ‘Stand Your Ground’ contributed to a massive decrease in the number of people not murdered! Hurrah!

Convenience (at Elizabeeth Queen)

In the brickwork (at Parsons Green)

For the chap in your life (at Putney Bridge London Underground Station)

Boatyard (at Fulham Railway Bridge)

Pavement (at Point Pleasant)

Urban (at The Spit)

Mud (at The Spit)

Batman (1966)

Batman (1966)